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Reinventing software

To do this, you need skill, imagination and not a little daring.

Since 1982, it is these three qualities that have defined our style and shaped our development, leading to the creation of permanent and trusting relationships with our customers. Mutual respect is the very basis of an efficient collaborative framework.

It means that we can successfully mould our customers into one effective unit with our team of employees. A team that, on the basis of a solid scientific education, knows how to apply state-of-the-art development technologies with just the right sense of proportion. Our assistance helps shape strategic developments and standardization processes. On behalf of some of the world’s leading software companies, we devise, rethink and implement innovative solutions — to be passed on to our customers for their benefit.

Our skills are rooted in the ability of our employees. Their scientific curiosity combined with long-standing experience leads ultimately to an in-depth understanding of the tasks at hand. Our applications are put to the use of our customers in all kinds of industries. We sell them top-class products as the cost-efficient basis for further successful projects.

Company details

Executive board and managing partners

Executive board and managing partners

Dr. Bernd H. Schmidt
Dr. Peter Auler
Dr. Jan Messerschmidt

Head office

DIaLOGIKa — Gesellschaft für angewandte Informatik mbH

Pascalschacht 1
66125 Saarbruecken

Phone: +49 6897 935-0
Fax: +49 6897 935-100
E-Mail: info@dialogika.de

Registration and incorporation details
District Court of Saarbruecken, Germany
HRB no. 7347
International VAT no.: DE 138187809
German tax ID no.: 040/107/50569