Our company offices in 1995 Tradition and cutting-edge expertise The winding tower — in the middle of Dudweiler

Company offices

Our company offices are a five-minute walk from the center of Dudweiler, a small town which was incorporated into Saarbrücken in the 1970s.

As the number of employees increased, DIaLOGIKa began in the early 1990s to search for larger offices — and eventually found new premises with a truly rich tradition: the building at the former Pascal Shaft in Dudweiler. The name of Puits de Pascal (Pascal Shaft) was conferred during the time when the Saarland coal mines were under French jurisdiction — in honor of Blaise Pascal, the legendary French mathematician and information-science pioneer whose name was also lent to the programming language of Pascal. At the same time, this symbolic transition — from a centuries-old industry and way of life into an innovation-based company operating in the brave new world of information and communications technology — illustrates perfectly the structural transformation that the Saar has undergone in recent years.

The building was converted in 1990/1991 under the watchful eyes of monument conservators, resulting in bright and functional rooms for one to five employees maximum — i.e. there are no open-plan offices. The unique flair of the building and its quiet location on the outskirts of Saarbrücken helps us all to work with greater commitment and efficiency.

Historical development of the Pascal Shaft

Some coal mining facts and figures

The Albert Shaft or East Shaft and, after 1922, the Pascal Shaft, was named after the renowned French mathematician, physicist, theologian and philosopher Blaise Pascal (19 June 1623 – 19 August 1662). It was here that special new methods and processes for the coal mining industry were first invented and researched. The building thus prefigures neatly the DIaLOGIKa company philosophy of Wir erfinden software, “Reinventing Software” or “Rethinking Software”.