We rethink and integrate software

Instead of going all out for developing a new solution from scratch, it is often more cost-effective for the customer if we simply integrate existing solutions as provided by our partners. In so doing, we ensure that integration is seamless and that the user interfaces are homogeneous.

Many of our partners are also our customers and like to draw on DIaLOGIKa’s expertise by commissioning us to devise solutions that complete their portfolio.

One all-round positive outcome is this: strong, permanent and trusting relationships with customers and partners alike. Mutual respect is the very basis of an efficient collaborative framework.

Microsoft Certified Partner


DIaLOGIKa has been collaborating with Microsoft for many years. We have in-depth expertise when it comes to Microsoft OS, application and development software. Our commitment to providing excellence in customer solutions to our clients is reflected in part by our Microsoft Certified Partner status (formerly referred to as Microsoft Certified Solution Provider), which dates back to 1994. Thanks to our proven track record and our extensive experience with Microsoft Office applications and document exchange, and our close ties with the open source community, Microsoft has commissioned us with the development and testing of open source products.

Java Community Process

Java Community Process

For many years now DIaLOGIKa has been a contributor to the Java Community Process and actively involved in the development and continued standardization of the Java programming language. Our staff has implemented base technologies for the platform-independent integration of Java with system resources. Our staff has also made decisive contributions to the ongoing further development of Java Webserver (Jigsaw) of the W3C Consortium. Our extensive development experience also goes into the implementation of new technologies, enabling different environments to be easily integrated.



DIaLOGIKa has been developing middleware for market leader SAP for many years now. We have in-depth expertise when it comes to Microsoft OS, application and development software. This along with our early dedication to Java (JSP program and Java Community Process (JCP)) is what has made us a key development partner for SAP. Our solutions enable the integration of Microsoft Outlook and the use of the global UDDI server. They are a key component of the Knowledge Management platform of the SAP® Enterprise Portal, helping more than 2.5 million users in their work with this strategic enterprise software.



DIaLOGIKa has been a value-added reseller (VAR) of Fenestrae B.V. since July of 2000. Netherlands-based Fenestrae is a leading provider of data exchange, fax and mobile data solutions. Fenestrae is known throughout the world for its flagship product Faxination, the professional fax solution in the Microsoft world. With Fenestrae Communication Server, Fenestrae provides mobile users quick and secure access to all key corporate data — any time, anywhere. As Fenestrae VAR partner DIaLOGIKa serves customers and prospects in southwest Germany and Luxembourg.


Thanks to our active involvement in a number of non-profit organizations we contribute to the ongoing development of the entire IT field.

DIaLOGIKa is an active contributor to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), ETSI and DIN/ISO and member of the Java Community Process (JCP). DIaLOGIKa is a member of AKNN and actively contributes in its expert groups.