What can you expect from us?

Well, we think we’ve got what it takes to find the best solution for your requirements. Our highly qualified and knowledgeable employees have all the theoretical basics at their fingertips plus years of unrivaled experience in the business. Just the right combination to achieve optimal results.

Yet although our customers benefit from that technical know-how, we also have an inimitable range of soft skills which we consider just as valuable. Curiosity, innovation and the courage to go new ways. We are more than happy to accept challenges that others shy away from.

DIaLOGIKa’s strength has always been software development. However, over the course of various projects, we have also been entrusted with other tasks that quickly turn into new areas of competence. Or as managing partner Dr. Jan Messerschmidt likes to say with a wink in his eye: “Our depth lies in our breadth.”


Software development is our strength.
We just love to create a perfect solution out of nothing.

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Not every new idea or technological advance is necessarily a good thing. We separate the wheat from the chaff and reduce the many offers out there to their essential effectiveness.

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Quality assurance

Our certified testing team puts all the new developments at DIaLOGIKa through their paces. If required, they can also check out customer projects and products.

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Inventive solutions confirm our skills and professionalism

We harness our employees’ innovative prowess and our wealth of product and project development experience to craft sophisticated solutions. Sometimes, we will take on a larger field of responsibilities and so become ad-hoc specialists in other aspects of the IT business.

Text processing

Text processing with the aim of publication in either printed or electronic form has been one of our domains for decades.

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Security solutions need to be thought through clearly and on a holistic basis so that even the smallest gap does not invite attack.

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Other areas of expertise

Various current examples illustrate our array of skills. We solve the problems customers set by seamlessly integrating different technologies.

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