During the process of selecting and setting up new IT systems, we take care to advise our customers on what they should be looking out for in the first place. They appreciate our neutrality.


When new intelligent technological concepts are needed to improve everyday processes, our customers can rely on our years of experience. Experience that helps us to realistically balance effort against yield and point to fitting solutions. In so doing, the selection of specific technologies is a means to the end of meeting customer wishes.


Nearly all of our employees graduated from university with a good or very good first degree in IT, mathematics, physics or business science. By going on to complete a Ph.D., many of them prove that they are capable of carrying out in-depth analysis and engaging in a holistic approach to finding solutions to a given problem. But if a first-class education is the sine qua non, it has to be complemented by experience. Only in the practical world can one learn to recognize, combine and understand complex relationships quickly and completely. That being the background, we draw up clearly formulated strategies or technical concepts — in English if preferred.