We do it well because we enjoy what we do. With creativity and determination we regularly depart from the beaten path to make room for new, innovative solutions. Result: we have been instrumental in bringing about many technological breakthroughs over the years.

Our experience

Some of our customers need data-intensive high-performance fail-safe solutions on mainframes, others need to connect special machinery and instrumentation and control systems to PC equipment. Where new intelligent concepts are needed to improve everyday processes, our customers can build on our in-depth experience and solution competency. In so doing, we perceive leveraging technology as a means to cater to customer wishes and objectives.

Broad technological basis

A sizable portion of the solutions running in any workstation are based on Microsoft technology. Our solutions aid in creating and administering complex documents. Our experience reaches back to the first generation of dedicated word processors. Since then we have impacted each paradigm shift, and are now consulted by Microsoft in the conceptual design of new document technologies.

For the most part our implementation of business-critical processes is based on Java technology.

Thanks to our contributions to the standardization and continued development of Java (JavaServer Pages) we are guided by state-of-the-art solution approaches and programming methods, deploying them where appropriate. Some of the technologies developed by us have even become world-wide standards.

Easy-to-use GUIs for demanding tasks

The success of a project almost always depends on user acceptance. Yet success is not possible unless users find a solution user-friendly and intuitive and are able to quickly experience for themselves how the solution simplifies or improves their work.
This profound insight evolved over many years of working hand in glove with the future users of the applications we design and catering to their requests. It is what drives us to make even demanding tasks easier and more manageable by providing an optimally designed user interface.

Solid products — custom-designed and engineered!

Many of our products are ubiquitous: as many as 2.5 million users benefit from our software in a host of languages including exotic ones. Our optimally structured and modular designs also enable our products to be cost-effectively tailored to specific user requirements. Yet our products are in no way negatively impacted in terms of stability or maintainability.