Quality Assurance

Leading international software vendors tap into our know-how when they need professional quality testing for their products. As independent testing specialists, we also verify the quality of software projects, even when testing is performed on short notice.

Certified testing experts

Our certified testing specialists possess a wealth of experience acquired over many years in a wide range of software projects. Where specifications are missing or insufficient, our in-depth experience enables us to properly gauge quality using explorative testing and intuitive case development. If desired, our test team can collaborate seamlessly with your developers so as to ensure smooth, hitch-free testing.

IT support

We leverage all the options offered by automating testing: whether unit testing in a Java environment or test tools for putting a user interface through its paces. Our development expertise enables efficient test-driven development to be implemented. If there are no tools available for the job, we implement or adapt them ourselves.

Our service to you: intelligent software testing

After developing a suite of systematic test cases, we perform

  • Functional testing
  • Performance, load and stress testing
  • Usability testing (determining barriers and impediments)
  • Comprehensive installation testing on numerous platforms (virtual machines)
Apart from detailed bug reports — including error analyses — our customers also receive concrete suggestions for improvement, in addition to solution proposals in the form of program code.
For a specific development project we can also develop the test concept in addition to conducting the testing. In so doing, we support our customers in selecting the right test methods and establishing the test environment. We aid them in defining what testing can be automated, what scope the test documentation should possess, and when testing can be concluded.

We’re not satisfied until your users or customers are!