Other Areas of Expertise

We harness our employees’ innovative prowess and our wealth of product and project development experience to craft sophisticated solutions. We forge technical expertise with solid solution creation skills.

Custom-crafted solutions

Complex, frequent workflows

Already in 1991 DIaLOGIKa was at the forefront of universal workflow technology. Today our proprietary multiDESK Workflow system is still unparalleled with regard to performance and availability when it comes to highly complex workflows. For many years now, a continuously enhanced and evolved multiDesk Workflow installation has reliably ensured that thousands of processes are transacted per hour at several remote yet transparently linked sites in uninterrupted 24/7 operation.

High-performance, high-volume database applications

We develop database applications that are capable of dealing with hundreds of millions of records each and every day. The permanent long-term backup of such quantities of data is already a challenge. In order to locate items in these gigantic archives we use efficient, visualization research techniques (business intelligence).
Web GUI, 3-tier and cryptographic support are other features we incorporate in our database applications.

Centralized and decentralized server-to-server communication

B2B, or business-to-business, communication is advancing in many areas. The communication protocols are either defined ad hoc or multilaterally or are established in national or international standards. Whether SOAP or Edifact, comma-separated files, ASN.1 or XML, CORBA, DCOM, X.400, SMTP or what have you, we have implemented every conceivable variant at least once over the years. We have deployed these methods in reusable libraries. Result: we are able to cater to the requirements of new projects quickly and cost-effectively.

LDAP and Active Directory

The larger an institution is, the more crucial directory services are. Many of our applications can optionally access an existing LDAP or Active Directory, and, if desired, also perform single sign-on (via NTLM as well as Kerberos). With melfi we even have a product of our own for implementing distributed rights management.