A hand-written signature identifies the authorized signatory and permanently links the signed document to the signer. We ensure that these properties are rendered by an electronic signature.

Electronic signing and crypting

An electronic signature links electronic documents to data identifying the individual signing them, while guaranteeing the integrity (uniqueness) of the signed document. The signature and the signed electronic document are thus fused into an inseparable whole.
Various cryptographic processes are used to render electronic signatures, the processes constantly undergoing change: what is viewed as secure today may be circumvented tomorrow by clever minds or brute force or raw computing power. As a consequence, electronic signatures are not permanent and have to be constantly adapted in accordance with technological advances as soon as the integrity of the signed document may be called into question.


We have developed a number of products that guarantee security: underlying software solutions for trust centers or certification authorities and access to security devices like smartcard readers. Secure, distributed access administration. Qualified signing of XML and PDF documents: with DIaLOGIKa’s products there are no security gaps! We employ the same quality in securing work processes. We support human control by way of the principle of dual control and ensure that important messages are not lost or slip through the cracks. Another solution of ours provides for the server-based crypting and signing of outbound messages (S/MIME & PGP). Encryption and signature verification take place prior to the requisite central content scan (viruses, spam). Secure, reconstructible B2B or B2C communication is enabled by our integrated web portal featuring authentication and integration in Active Directory Domain Services.

Consulting services

Our expertise is sought-after by an international clientele. Microsoft taps into our document expertise and in-depth experience with security issues, and now has us thinking about issues and challenges posed by the future: secure yet simple long-term archival of digital content is key if our culture is not to vanish without a trace.
Yet we also assist with topical decision-making processes: our counsel is sought by the European Institutions when it comes to the implementation of current signature standards. At the end of the day, our expertise contributes to the success of relevant signature projects across Europe.

What we offer you

We assist you in locating the right procedures and processes for solving your specific signing task. We are fully conversant with the mathematics and computer science methods on which these procedures and processes are based, transforming them into software systems efficiently and effectively, and integrating them seamlessly in your existing IT infrastructure. In so doing, we exercise sound judgment in using our experience and pronounced security awareness in going about engineering a complete solution targeting your security requirements.
We exclusively employ the latest European standards so that the signatures generated and their verification are interoperable across Europe, a requirement yet to be addressed by most of the products of international vendors currently available on the market.

Clients who place their trust in us

Financial service providers, public-sector entities (EU bodies, German federal government, states) and trust centers with substantial security requirements build on our solutions. However, we also perform studies and analyses on behalf of our clientele of the solutions of other vendors and show where these solutions are lacking.