More than one billion records a day can be stored. InfBrok100 enables the automatic generation of invoices. InfBrok100 supports ESB/ETSI.

The integrated solution for “manual” information requests

InfBrok100 is DIaLOGIKa’s solution for integrated information requests of government authorities directed to telecom providers, i.e. requests pertaining to usage data (sect. 100 g German Code of Criminal Procedure (StPO)), the administration of lawful intercept measures (sect. 100 a, b German Code of Criminal Procedure), and manual information requests for subscriber information (sect. 113 German Telecommunications Act (TKG)).

Main features and benefits to you

  • Intuitive web user interface
  • Request status information
  • Separation of logic and presentation
  • Highly efficient storage of traffic data (> 1 billion records)
  • Any number and structure of data-supplying systems served
  • Support of ETSI-ESB (electronic interface of authorities)
  • Automatic billing
  • Various user roles
  • Fail-safe thanks to automatic restart
  • Convenient intercept monitoring
  • Adaptation to all amended specifications ensured via maintenance contract
  • Available under Windows and Unix/Linux

Versions and modules available

InfBrok100 is available in a Lite and an Enterprise version. The Lite version enables all regulatory requirements to satisfied; the Enterprise version offers additional automation features.

InfBrok100 features a modular design so that you only pay for the options you actually require. The following options are available:

  • Base module with data retention
  • Research module
  • Automatic processing of cyclical queries
  • Subscriber data queries (sect. 113 German Telecommunications Act (TKG)) optionally possible from the automated information request system (InfBrok90) (sect. 112 of the Act), or from customer care system
  • Administration of lawful intercept actions including linking to the intercept system
  • Billing with printing or linking to financial accounting system
  • ESB/ETSI support
  • Creation of statistics records for the Federal Network Agency

… and many other options.

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