InfBrok90 enables you to comply with your section 112 TKG legal requirements. InfBrok90 is multi-tenant-enabled. A maintenance contract includes updates and expert support.

Telecom information provision (cf. section 112 of the German Telecommunications Act)

With InfBrok90 DIaLOGIKa offers a turn-key solution for “obligated entities” pursuant to section 112 of the German Telecommunications Act. This solution enables telecom providers to service information requests of law enforcement and securities agencies and other “authorized bodies” pertaining to subscriber data information directed through the German Federal Network Agency under the “Automated Information Procedure” of section 112 of the Act. All telecom service providers are obligated to provide this information that allocate phone numbers to customers, i.e. mobile and landline operators, in addition to service number operators and mobile service providers.

Main features and benefits to you

  • Full implementation of the SARV specification published by the German Federal Network Agency
  • Scalable to over 100 million phone numbers
  • Automated 24/7 operation
  • Enhanced fail-safeness and restorability
  • Multi-tenant capability
  • When combined with InfBrok100 also suitable for the provision of IMEI numbers and IP/e-mail addresses
  • Proven in productive deployment for over 10 years
  • Updating of all amended specifications ensured via maintenance contract
  • Available under Windows and Unix/Linux
  • Also available as a managed service

Modules available

InfBrok90 features a modular design, i.e. you only purchase the options you need. The following additional options are currently available:

  • Administrator notifications via SNMP
  • Demon for implementing SNMP traps in e-mails
  • Directory monitoring
  • Remote administration
  • Test system and manual information requests enabled (cf. section 113 of the German Telecommunications Act)
  • Statistics module
  • Import module for transferring data assets from other systems (subscriber number management, customer care, billing systems); available in various designs
  • AVG reset
  • Information requests for call data records (as per section 100 g of the German Code of Criminal Procedure)

Have we piqued your interest??

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Anne Dierstein

Anne Dierstein
Department Head Law Enforcement Information Requests

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us concerning information provision pursuant to section 112 of the German Telecommunications Act.