All carriers are obligated to exchange porting data on a daily basis. Our solutions enable business processes to be automated and rationalized. We are also able to advise our clients with regard to legal requirements.

Porting database

Since the deregulation of the telecommunications market all carriers are obligated to exchange porting data with all other carriers on a daily basis. The solution for satisfying this requirement should be easy to use, performant, reliable and cost-effective.

Other recurring business processes should be automated so that errors can be avoided and cost savings achieved. Plus which, all functionality must also be accessible from other systems (customer care system, billing system, etc.).

With InfPort43 carriers operate a number porting database enabling them to publish ported phone numbers (including porting requests) and receive the published databases of other communications providers, in addition to resolving conflicts associated with deviating or incorrect items of other carriers.

Porting data consolidated in the database can also be used for other purposes, e.g. to make transit call routing more economical (least-cost routing).

InfPort43 enables the seamless integration with other IT systems via APIs.

Main features and benefits to you

  • Database server solution
  • Web browser user interface
  • Comprehensive range of interfaces for integration with your front-end and back-end processes (Web Services APIs, JMS, file interface, etc.)
  • Proven in productive deployment for over 10 years
  • Ongoing further development and adaptation to new requirements
  • Updating of amended specifications ensured via maintenance contract
  • Available under Windows and Unix/Linux
  • Also available as a managed service

Modules available

InfPort43 includes a wide range of modules that can be individually licensed. This means you only pay for what you actually need.


Central, consolidated porting database

For the providers of landline numbers

Porting of landline numbers (PDA–LNP)

Electronic porting data exchange (PDA) for landline numbers (LNP) and associated administrative tasks as per sect. 46 of the German Telecommunications Act (TKG)

Number block (RNB) reports

Annual and six-monthly number block (RNB) reports as specified by the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA)


Interface for leasing the lines of alternative carriers

Do-not-call list for reverse-charge calls (sect. 66j TKG)

Do-not-call list for collect calls (exchange of data with the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) for local exchange carriers and the providers of collect-call (reverse-charge call) services with and without checking


Graphical user interface and mediation device for direct access by customer care systems to the electronic wholesale interfaces of Deutsche Telekom and alternative carriers


Interface used by German telcos for exchanging data for customer migration between carriers


Automated process for coordinating fault diagnosis and resolution with Deutsche Telekom

For the providers of mobile phone numbers


Access to the central MNP database of wireless carriers


Process for the preliminary syncing of mobile number porting information between carriers

For the providers of service numbers

Porting of service numbers (PDA–SNP)

Electronic porting data exchange (PDA) for service numbers (SNP) and associated administrative tasks as per sect. 46 of the German Telecommunications Act (TKG)


Mobile call-by-call service of Deutsche Telekom for the exchange of information relating to the phone charges of 0900 numbers (for wireless carriers and service number providers)

For all phone number types

Enhanced phone number administration

Allocation and other administrative tasks associated with landline, value-added service and mobile phone numbers, as specified by the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA)

Automated provisioning of network elements (switches)

Generation of loading files for switches/IN from the InfPort43 porting database (or from various porting processes (MNP/LNP/SNP) and from subscriber number management systems (least-cost routing, blacklisting, timeframe for rerouting a number in the carrier’s own network (RUZ))

Management and publication of phone book entries

Management and publication of phone book and directory entries (sect. 47 of the German Telecommunications Act (TKG))

TR Notruf

Allocation of phone numbers to emergency services and provision of location data for emergency calls as provided for by the Technical Directive on Emergency Calls (TR Notruf)

Reseller features

Support of carrier business models with resellers

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