Thanks to InfReq90's modular design you pay only for the components you actually need. An API enables other systems like telecom intercept and emergency services dispatch systems to be linked. A maintenance contract offers you an all-in-one no-worries package.

Automated information requests (sect. 112 German Telecommunications Act (TKG))

InfReq90 enables law enforcement and security authorities and other authorized bodies (e.g. emergency services and government agencies cracking down on undocumented and other illicit workers) to initiate automated requests for telecom information directed to the Federal Network Agency, the regulatory authority, as provided for by section 112 of the German Telecommunications Act (TKG) (“SARS interface”), the Agency forwarding these requests to telecom providers. InfReq90 also features a Web Services API enabling other IT systems (systems for lawful intercept actions, emergency services dispatch systems, etc.) to initiate information requests (cf. section 112 of the Act).

Main features and benefits to you

  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • 100,000+ information requests/month possible via a single system
  • Designed for 24/7/365 service and high availability
  • Creation of information requests in dialog providing for monitoring of correction formulation of requests
  • Automatic transmission of requests to the regulatory authority (forwarded from there to the “obligated entities”, or carriers)
  • Compilation of several requests into a single transaction possible (additional attributes like comment, addressee department, etc. possible)
  • User-steered resubmission of requests possible
  • Detailed printout and display of returned information on screen
  • Import/export interface for requests and returned information
  • Downstream processing of returned information using office suite products possible
  • Modular, extensible design featuring open interfaces
  • Monitoring and logging of all actions, i.e. status and dates/times
  • Statistics providing for export option
  • Can be combined with InfReq100

Versions and modules available

InfReq90 is available as a workstation and server (5 – 10,000 clients).

InfReq90 features a modular design so that you only pay for the options you actually need. The following additional options are currently available:

  • Collective queries
  • Mass queries where phone number data is available
  • Reply e-mail with Excel attachment
  • Notification via SNMP traps
  • Import of user data
  • Linking to LDAP/Active Directory possible
  • Encryption
  • Login via single sign-on

We also offer a programming interface (Web Services API). This enables other systems (e.g. equipment for lawful intercept actions or emergency services dispatch systems) to participate in the automated information request process via the InfReq90 server (cf. section 112 of the German Telecommunications Act (TKG)).

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