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Financial services — a dynamic market

The financial service sector is characterized by a highly dynamic environment imbued with stiff competition, this impacting the breakneck evolution of IT applications. There is hardly any other industry whose core business is so instrumentally affected by the Internet and software systems. This affects internal processes and direct communication with customers alike.

Provable security providing for reconstructibility

The digital exchange of sensitive data and information, whether of a financial, legal or personal nature, requires that the software used for this ensures an optimum of security. This is where we offer customers a solution specifically engineered to their information security requirements while minimizing information risks or eliminating them altogether.

Secure communication is one of our core competencies. Combined with reliability, fail-safeness and prompt, expert support, our customized software solutions are the ticket. Whether dual control, secure messaging or central server solution for e-mail signing and crypting, we support you in the selection of just the right solution and seamless integration in your existing environment.

Workflow monitoring & management

With our workflow monitoring and control solutions engineered to order we improve the internal flow of communication between existing applications like fax servers, core banking systems and SWIFT applications, and facilitate automated communication with your customers and business partners.

Our solution offers you a central news hub that can be supplied with data from various sources for forwarding in a controlled manner to data recipients. Our solutions support a host of protocols that may serve as a data source or recipient, e.g. SMTP, FTP, XFB, SWIFT, Web Services, distributed file systems, scanner systems and printers.

Our systems also enable multi-message workflows from various data sources to be joined and validated for completeness and time constraints. All of the underlying workflow steps are audited, thus providing for reconstructibility at all times and reproducibility in the event of an error. Access to monitoring data generally takes place via a central intranet platform based on a granular rights and role concept.

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