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We’re e-Government

DIaLOGIKa carries out comprehensive projects on behalf of German and European government authorities.
Our solutions are targeted at content issues, thus making them easy-to-understand and calculable. Our objective technical expertise helps our clients to make decisions in a timely manner on the basis of the best information available.

European Institutions

The European Commission and many other institutions like the European Council and the European Parliament are clients of many years’ standing. Our customized products based on Microsoft Word are used today at thousands of desks. DIaLOGIKa added multilingual capability to Microsoft’s then operating systems (Windows 3.x; Windows NT) and Office suites (Word etc.) before Microsoft itself did, thus catering to the needs of European reality (including Greek).
Legislative documents are authored and subjected to the interinstitutional consultation procedure using our LegisWrite solution; our server-based converter solutions (PDF, ODF, OCR, TIFF etc.) are utilized by thousands of users every day.

But designing and making tools is not DIaLOGIKa’s only calling. We advise the European Commission in many strategic decisions: whether public key infrastructure (PKI), long-term archival or content management, the counsel of our specialists is sought after and heeded.

German government agencies

Legislation is drafted by the departments of the German federal government using our proprietary eNorm tool, subjected to a consultation procedure by the Bundestag and the German administration, and then published. DIaLOGIKa engineered and reliably maintains a highly complex critical security application that must provide for 24/7 availability at a host of distributed locations. Most federal law enforcement and security agencies use our solutions.

German state agencies

Apart from very few exceptions, the state governments are responsible for the safety and security of their citizens. Many state law enforcement authorities and other agencies use our software for their investigative work and for fighting crime.
Since legislation is also drafted at the state level, followed by undergoing a consultation procedure and then published, some state governments use a customized version of eNorm.

Have we piqued your interest?

European and national governments and agencies rely on our solution expertise. Whether technical studies and analyses or developing complex solutions: contact us, we’re as far away as your phone.

Wolfgang Vogelgesang

Wolfgang Vogelgesang
Contact for EU and Government Agencies

Telefon: +49 (6897) 935-144
Telefax: +49 (6897) 935-444

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