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High-caliber scientific expertise

Since its founding DIaLOGIKa has taken pride in tackling highly specific science and research projects. The high proportion of our staff members who possess a scientific background — physics, electrical engineering, biology, mathematics, computer science — enables us to engineer the most exacting of solutions. Whether support for the scientific community or highly specialized production engineering projects including monitoring — just ask us, we have the right technical background for the job.

Selected milestones:

AUTOKON — Pre-press imaging processing in newspaper production with the integration of a high-end scanner
Development from scratch of an administrative software solution and energy flow calculations for a regional district heat utility
System deployed throughout Europe for monitoring energy supply networks and other equipment and systems
Implementation of Nucleonica, an expert system, portal and social network for nuclear research and development
Development of the interactive version of the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart featuring fully automatic generation of the prepress rendering of everything from brochures to lecture hall formats

Our clientele: companies in the private sector (e.g. publishing houses, utilities), public-sector entities (e.g. European Commission) and R&D institutes (ITU Karlsruhe, JRC Ispra).

Thanks to our homogeneous teams of specialist developers and low fluctuation we are in a position to address complex tasks and provide clients a long-term perspective for productive collaboration — even in sensitive areas.

Science & Research 2.0

Nucleonica, the European Commission’s nuclear science web portal, is an integrated environment and infrastructure fostering international R&D collaboration in the international nuclear science community.

The portal contains a knowledge management tool for disseminating nuclear science knowledge that has accumulated over decades by providing web-based representations of computer data and coding.

Nucleonica is available to professionals, researchers and students alike who deal with radioactive substances. Various fields are targeted, e.g. biology, medicine, agriculture, geology, meteorology, environmental sciences, but also traditional disciplines dealing with nuclear substances like nuclear energy, radiation therapy and protection, nuclear and radio chemistry, and astrophysics.

Nucleonica provides software as a service over the Web, thus saving the user from having to engage in the time-consuming and costly installation of software. Dynamic Web 2.0 technology is used, the individual applications being dependent on the user’s operating system or web browser.

Apart from scientific databases, Nucleonica also features interactive application-oriented tools (e.g. radioactive decay calculations, dosimetry & shielding) and a social network for scientists and anybody interested in radioactivity.

DIaLOGIKa developed Nucleonica as a Web 2.0 application on behalf of the Institute for Transuranium Elements (ITU) in Karlsruhe, Germany, a nuclear research institute of the European Union. Nucleonica is used by researchers all over the world.

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