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DIaLOGIKa has specialized in solutions for processing telecom info requests since 1999. InfReq90 is used in most states in Germany. We also offer consulting services for your IT infrastructure, security, encryption and other needs.

Automated processing of telecom information requests

DIaLOGIKa has been marketing software solutions for law enforcement and security agencies associated with the “Automated Information Procedure” under sections 112/113 of the German Telecommunications Act, this having become necessary as a result of the deregulation of the telecom market in 1998. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the central system, we were able to offer products early on for carriers (“obligated entities” under the Act) and law enforcement & security agencies and other “authorized bodies” defined by the Act, being the only vendor of these products in the German marketplace.

Our clientele includes the police authorities of many German states, many of which have a state-wide license. Apart from automated information requests, they also use our products for traffic data queries pursuant to section 100 g of the German Code of Criminal Procedure (CCP), telecom intercept actions pursuant to sections 100 a, b CCP, and for location detection and tracking.

Our customers also value our consulting services with regard to IT infrastructure, encryption, and other areas of expertise. If necessary, we design and develop custom solutions to optimally cater to the individual requirements of our customers.

All of our products feature a modular design: you only pay for what your actually need.

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Dr. Jan Messerschmidt
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