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Service provider to global players

Our clients in the IT sector focus on their core competencies and leave the development work to us in areas we can show proven success. Even the big guys trust us! Our long-standing experience and in-depth knowledge of Microsoft technology has made us a preferred supplier to vendors whose own technology is rooted in Java or proprietary technologies such as ABAP and Adabas Natural. Conversely, Microsoft is happy to draw on our experience with XML/XSLT and open standards. So much so that its actually commissioned us with the task of building bridges to the open source community.

Technology provider to leading vendors

Specialized IT vendors also like to draw on our technological expertise and use our proprietary products to complete their range of services or to better integrate their applications into third-party environments. For example: Germany’s most important law portal is built on DIaLOGIKa competence for text structuring or for single sign-on processes. Our workflow system is also the power behind the throne at one of Europe’s leading providers for real estate management.

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Dr. Bernd H. Schmidt

Dr. Bernd H. Schmidt
Managing Partner

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