Telecom Information Requests

The end of Deutsche Telekom’s monopoly in 1998 caused many processes to be revamped. Lookup requests for phone nos. and subscriber info are now directed to the regulatory authority. Entities authorized to use this service: law enforcement authorities, emergency services.

The solution for information requests

Section 112 of the German Telecommunications Act takes account of the circumstance that the German telecommunications monopoly ceased to exist as of 1 January 1998. Consequently, the former procedure used by law enforcement and security agencies for obtaining information from Deutsche Telekom (previously by way of administrative assistance) on the subscriber names to phone numbers or past/present subscriber history of phone numbers no longer applies.

Since 1999 requests of this kind (“automated information procedure” pursuant to section 112 of the German Telecommunications Act) may be redirected to today’s Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway, who in turn forwards them to the respective telecom providers (“obligated entities” pursuant to section 112 of the Act). The responses received from these entities are then forwarded back to the originating requestors.

This procedure is governed by specifications issued by the Federal Network Agency and further developed by it.

The solution

InfReq90 enables the information requests of law enforcement and security authorities, emergency services and other “authorized bodies” directed to telecom carriers (“obligated entities”) to be fully automated (cf. section 112 of the German Telecommunications Act, “Automated Information Procedure”). The software’s user interface facilitates the processing of data by virtue of the arrangement and sorting options offered. InfReq90 also provides statistics covering all the information requests received during a specific period. Import and export interfaces and a Web Services API enable the lookup requests to be made available to other systems seamlessly and automatically.


The German Telecommunications Act authorizes all law enforcement and security agencies in particular to request subscriber information from telecom providers via the Federal Network Agency. InfReq90 offers these agencies a simple-to-use program that aids users in their day-to-day work in submitting information requests.

Project history

The Hamburg Police Department approached DIaLOGIKa in 2001 because it was seeking to replace its former time-consuming fax-based request system for obtaining information on telephone numbers and subscriber data with an automated system to speed up and facilitate requests.

At that time DIaLOGIKa’s InfReq90 solution had been successfully deployed in several state and federal law enforcement and security agencies for three years so that a fully functioning demo could be installed at Hamburg PD within only a few days of initial contact. First installed as a demo on a single workstation, InfReq90 quickly took the department by storm on account of its usefulness: it proved stable, intuitive to use, offering users optimal support in their day-to-day work. Within only four weeks the demo was replaced by a full-fledged workstation providing for an enhanced array of features.

Due to the large number of cases handled and the department’s sizable force, Hamburg PD soon outgrew the workstation, prompting it to publish a request for bids in March of 2003 for an automated web-based information request solution serving 100 users. DIaLOGIKa was able to land the contract for this project. Hamburg PD provided the server hardware customized to its specifications, and DIaLOGIKa tended to everything else. The new web-based system went live already one month after being ordered. The user feedback gleaned during upgrade training conducted by DIaLOGIKa was integrated directly in ongoing product development. The system continued to be expanded and enhanced during the years following:

  • 2004: the input form was extended to enable data from third-party applications to be transferred quickly and easily into InfReq90.
  • 2010: the data export and import interface was ordered and commissioned.

Thanks to the software maintenance contract that has been in effect since the very beginning, all of the follow-up costs have been calculable and provided for since the contract not only covers bug fixing and functional enhancements but also customization work resulting from ongoing changes to the specifications and procedures over the years. DIaLOGIKa’s prompt and expert support is always praised in this context in addressing the unavoidable issues associated with complex applications. Our API also enables incoming responses to be seamlessly transmitted and processed downstream, thus avoiding the trouble caused by disparate media and systems. This not only translates into time savings but also enables potential errors to be avoided.


InfReq90 is a database web application. InfReq90 runs as a Windows system service; it can be configured using the InfReq90 UI. All common browsers and operating systems are supported on the client side.

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