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Secure communication between banks and their customers

Nowadays bank customers are accustomed to accessing account services from the comfort of their home or contacting their personal customer service representative via a portal. This convenience is enabled by the banks offering their customers options for accessing the requisite data easily and securely via the web. Initially the focus was on user-friendliness, yet during the past couple of years the focus has shifted to customers’ and banks’ need for security, in no small measure due to the unabated rise in cybercrime.

The solution

With AMS (Advanced Messaging Security) we offer a modular platform for secure communication between banks and their customers (Business-to-Customer) and between banks and their business partners (Business-to-Business).

Apart from enabling the signing and crypting of confidential emails at a central point in the corporate network, AMS also provides for a flexible e-banking web portal satisfying the most exacting of security demands, a portal capable of being easily integrated in existing infrastructures. The range of features offered by the AMS package range from simple communication platform to comprehensive reporting application providing for real-time access to current portfolio movements and detailed performance analyses.
This presupposes that AMS e-banking always satisfies current security requirements and offers the possibility to integrate common authentication mechanisms in a context-sensitive manner (e.g. TAN, mobile TAN, OTP generators, smartcards).

The AMS family’s modular design enables seamless integration in existing environments. Existing core banking systems can be integrated in the e-banking system as a data source using a generic Web Services API. The various interfaces to the respective core banking systems have to be encapsulated in line with the technologies deployed and provided as a web service. As a rule, this integration takes place in close cooperation with the customer or third-party providers and requires comprehensive knowledge and experience with regard to interoperability, the system security applied, and the stability of the components used.


Our clientele extends to private European banks and government agencies seeking to provide their customers and business partners secure, reliable communication channels and access to confidential content.

Technology facts

The AMS modules are implemented primarily in C++ and C#. In order to ensure maximum interoperability with existing systems, the modules feature clearly defined interfaces and stubs that can be easily adapted to individual customer environments. SOAP- and REST-based Web Services and flexible script components are used.


The AMS family of products addresses the concerns of security-conscious company organizations. AMS enables messaging security to be modeled on internal corporate structures, in so doing providing for end-to-end implementation and integration of secure communication.

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