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Telcos must comply with many requirements — DIaLOGIKa supplies the software to this end. Thanks to the modular design of our products, customers can purchase exactly what they need. inexio has been building on DIaLOGIKa’s products and know-how right from the beginning.

A new regional carrier in Saarland starts up operations

Carriers in Germany must satisfy a number of requirements and obligations by establishing a specific infrastructure and using software solutions. The obligations are imposed upon them by the legislator (represented by the Federal Network Agency, the German regulatory authority) and by bodies in which the carriers are organized (e.g. AKNN).

The solution

InfPort43 is a modular package whose array of features has continuously grown since its initial release in 1999, enabling customers to cope with constantly changing exigencies.

Initially designed as a system for exchanging porting data for landline numbers between carriers, the system now also features mobile and service number porting functions. InfPort43 modules enable the clearing of porting mediation processes via electronic interfaces in landline and mobile communications, and the ordering of wholesale products via Deutsche Telekom’s ESAA and WITA interfaces. Apart from its porting functionality, InfPort43 also provides for cleverly engineered subscriber number management that not only automatically adapts to changed specifications of the Federal Network Agency (e.g. new phone number lengths in local loops) but also offers methods for utilizing provisioned phone numbers as efficiently as possible.

Using this module for computing routing data from the ported data generally results in optimization. When the requisite interconnections to transit carriers are supplied a significant reduction in the transit costs of phone calls to other networks results. The range of features offered is rounded off by modules for administering and transferring phone directory entries and programs for generating six-monthly and yearly reports to the regulatory authority.

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The list of carriers and communications providers in Germany is long. A wide variety of business models are used: carriers for wireless or landline communications, service providers or resellers, service number providers, transit network operators or the publishers of phone directories. InfPort43 offers all of them a system for solving their tasks. The Saarland company inexio Informationstechnologie und Telekommunikation KGaA entered the marketplace in January 2008, its designated goal being to cover the entire telecommunications and IT spectrum — from carrier services to the assumption of all-in-one telecom, IT and computing center services. Being a regional partners to its customers, inexio has its own constantly growing fiber optic and urban network of more than 1,600 km and three computing centers located in Luxembourg, Saarlouis and Kaiserslautern. Redundant backbone links to the Frankfurt node ensure that customers have the requisite bandwidth and continuous availability.

Project history

inexio’s ambitious goal was to cover the entire telecom spectrum right from the outset, which meant that the entire InfPort43 product range was to be deployed right from the beginning. April 2008 saw the commencement of the installation of the first components, at which time development of the interfaces of inexio’s other systems to InfPort43 also started. The first component went live in July of 2008 with the exchange of porting data for landline numbers. This was followed in September 2008 by commissioning the phone directory interface linking to Deutsche Telekom’s data compilation department and the subscriber number management module. During the last quarter of 2008, InfBrok90, the automated information request module linking to the Federal Network Agency, the regulatory authority, went live.

The technology

InfPort43 is a web-based database application featuring a modular design. Customers only purchase what they actually need. All components are Java-based and run under Unix and Windows. Oracle provides for a powerful database system.

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