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netviewer Support Participant netviewer Support 5.1 short manual (pdf, ca 250kb)
netviewer Support Teilnehmer netviewer Support 5.1 Kurzanleitung (pdf, ca 250kb)

  • Random session number for establishing connection
    The randomly generated connection number increases security and ensures clear assignment from customer to supporter.

  • Termination with a click
    A click on the exit button at either end of a connection will immediately terminate the netviewer session.

  • Having a certificate increases your security
    You are working with the original. The VeriSign certificate designates the software and removes all doubt. It tells you that the software comes directly from us and that no third parties have made any changes.

Test result by the Fraunhofer Institute SIT (pdf, ca 50kb) Test Ergebnis der Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (pdf, ca 180kb)